Publicity Team Reboot

Publicity Team Reboot

One of the few questions that we always ask our newest members is simply ‘How did you find us?’ While the answer to this question varies, it all points back to one place; the Publicity Team. From Google searches to posts on various RPG related websites, it is the work that this team does that brings in new members from all over the net, and similarly, all over the world. But how does it work?
For those new to the team, or older members that have not been on the team in the past, let me explain some things in a nutshell about what the team is. As you know not all things are that easy to find on the internet. Some things that you enter into a search engine can bring you tons of possible links that can take you almost anywhere. Because there are millions of websites out there, it takes a specific strategy to show up at the beginning of the search results where people are more likely to find us.
That is where this team comes in. By employing a certain strategy to market our site and our service, the game, to the search engines, and in turn, those who would be interested in playing, the Publicity Team is able to show up at the top of various searches related to the Starbase 118 game. But that’s not the end of what we do! Team members also use facebook, and twitter to promote the group via social media, and we turn to the real world as well, where we talk to our friends, family members, and associates about this awesome hobby.
The time factor involved in the daily duties for a team member is next to nothing, just a few clicks once a day and you’re done. Want to contribute more? There’s always more that can be done! Joining the team is simple too; just contact Lt Commander Alexander Matthews, or post in the Publicity Team recruitment forums. There is no rank requirement, so everyone, even new Ensigns are welcome to join!
Recently, the team’s gone through quite a few changes. Lt. Colonel Miles Unum, the team’s previous facilitator, had to retire due to real life commitments. Since this event has come about, the publicity team has restructured and reformed. The missions for the team are basically the same, but with a new outlook, new rewards, and more to get involved with. Here are just a few of the interesting things to look for:

  • A points system, with monthly awards and recognition.
  • A new membership forums badge with distinction for different points benchmarks.
  • Invite a member to join the team and receive points.
  • Invite a friend to join, after they graduate the academy, and after each promotion they receive, get points.
  • Submit weekly reports for your points to be recorded and accumulated.
  • Facebook likes and shares still continue, but we’re always looking to expand our facebook program.
  • Posting on where other fans can see what we do and who we are.
  • Vote for our game on the RPG Gateway.
  • Writing three hundred word articles, for publication throughout the internet, giving us a Search Engine boost.

These are just some of the things that you can look forward to while helping to place the name of the fleet around the world. No matter how much time you have to give, there is a way that you can help. Join today and help grow the Starbase 118 Fleet by simple contributions and easy tasks.

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