Poll of the Week: Two sides of the electric coin

It seems like the natural order of human competition revolves around pairs of objects or people. This could be said for anything from the big two brands in car manufacturing to the hero-versus-villain dynamic. Sure there might be others throwing their weight around the playground but one pair always stands out, making everyone ask the question of which one will win in whatever battle is occurring. This week’s poll is about one of the Computer world’s greatest rivalries and which side of the coin do you call home. That’s right, I am talking about the Macintosh versus Windows showdown.

In basic terms both of these giants are computer operating systems and almost every computer user has a preference to their favorite. While a large portion of people have been faithful Windows users throughout the years, Mac users have been making a rapid come back in the past couple of years especially. Its at the state that most Mac users I have met swear by their apple encrusted machines.

Well enough of my ranting, this week’s poll is this: Which one of these operating systems do you prefer? As always feel free to leave a comment, after you vote one the forums, telling us why. We all love hearing your responses because its that, that makes these poll such fun.

Over to you guys and girls, and have fun!!

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