Poll of the Week: The Road not Taken Lightly

Poll of the Week: The Road not Taken Lightly

I am sure that a wise man once said, “a life without purpose isn’t worth living”, or something to that effect. So it comes as little surprise that the crew of the USS Voyager defiantly struggled all those years to get back to Earth. Well if they didn’t, we would have seen a whole different story, but that’s beside the point. The real point is that the Voyager crew passed hundreds if not thousands of suitable, desirable planets that they could settle on, if only they gave up their quest of returning back to Earth. Some of those planets would even have been close to their original start point (near the Caretaker Array).
This week’s poll is a question that Captain Janeway pondered many times during Voyager’s absence from the Alpha quadrant. That is, would you have your crew spend the next seventy years trying to get back to Earth? Of course the Voyager crew on many occasions was struck with bad luck which caused them to miss opportunities such as shortcuts home. In the same sense, they were also very lucky that most of the crew managed to survive countless conflicts with superior enemies such as the Borg. So it goes to show, that despite the perils the road home presents, it also has some sweet, if not elusive rewards along the way… If you’re willing to search for them.
I suppose it’s not a question of how far you would go this week, but rather, would you in all honesty stick to the journey to return to your home world? Would the idea of seeing loved ones, family, or just the planet itself be enough to drive you through the journey? Or does the idea of starting fresh despite everyone that you and your crew are leaving behind seem more reasonable when thinking about everyone’s long term survival.
Remember to visit the forums to leave a comment of two because that is where the fun really starts in a poll like this. Also if you have a poll suggestion for next week’s Halloween special please post it on the suggestion thread. Have fun, everyone!

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