Poll of the Week: Bullies in the playground

This week, we take a look at another set of rivals and it is a rivalry that has rocked many a forum board including our own. It’s been a while so I thought it time to dust off this classic dispute and it goes something like this: Who would win in a confrontation between the Enterprise-E and the Battlestar Galactica? These are two giants, ships virtually unmatched in their respective universes, but who would remain standing (if you can say a starship is standing) after this pair slugs it out?

The Enterprise-E is of course a Sovereign-class starship. In the Federation Starfleet, there is no ship larger or more heavily armed. This monster is packed with over eight hundred people from various vocations. And while the Sovereign isn’t a warship, primarily at least, its might isn’t worth underestimating. The Battlestar Galactica from the television series Battlestar Galactica is a heavily armed and armored warship primarily used to launch fighter craft. While Galactica is more the twice the length of the Enterprise-E and has more then four times the personnel with more ship-mounted weapons then could possibly be counted, the odds aren’t as uneven as it may look. You see, like all Starfleet technology, the Enterprise relies on phasers and energy shields — things that would rip the Galactic apart given the chance — for offense and defense.  But what is a energy shield to do against solid projectile weapons or nukes?

Well, that’s enough from me, and now it’s time to visit the forums so that we can hear from all of you. Remember, it’s your opinions and comments that really drives us forward and we love hearing those opinions.

Finally, if you have an idea about improving POW or a poll suggestion please visit the Poll suggestion thread. Remember have fun out there.

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