Poll of the Week: A Freakish Affair

Jack-o'-lanternsIn honor of Halloween, which happens to be on the 31 October, this week’s poll is Halloween themed. Have no fear, the next installment of the “Just turn it off” series will return next week. While the exact origins of Halloween is a hotly debated topic, these days especially in western nations it is a day where kids and sometimes even adults dress up in all manner of costumes and seek out wild parties or go trick-or-treating. Interestingly though the activity of trick-or-treating dates back to the Middle Ages.

While it was once traditional to dress in monster-like outfits for trick-or-treating, over time Halloween fashions have changed to include everything from modern day celebrities to popular fictional themes like cow boys and princesses. In fact a person is only limited by their creativity when creating costumes. Simply looking at the Halloween inspired avatars around the forums is proof of that. So this week’s question is this, what will you be dressing up as when it comes time to party or go out trick-or-treating? What is your preference when choosing a character to portray? Will it be something sweet or heroic or do you typically like dressing up as a scary monster for the night?

As with most polls, the options to choose from are nearly limitless so remember to leave a comment telling us what you will be dressing up as. Or even what you would dress up as if you’re not the type to get involved. Remember to visit the forums to post a comment or two because the magic of the polls starts after the votes have been cast.

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