Our Memoire: The Best of 2011

Our Memoire: The Best of 2011

With the ever-expanding history of  UFOP:SB118, each and every one of us can recall that one moment in time that as we keyed the next words of our current sim, that the breath was taken from your lungs; you laughed so hard you cried, or you just plain cried. Memories are an integral part in every aspect of the simming universe. The ability to make a history for your character; to be able to have tangible experiences and memories can be one of the bigger driving forces in the creative process. In this mini-memoire, we’re going to cover each ship in the fleet and their most memorable moments of of the 2011 simming season.

Our tale from the USS Avandar comes from now First Officer LtCmdr T’lea, who at the time served as the Chief Science Officer for her ship. The tale tells about a decision to leave the Avandar and serve elsewhere in the galaxy. Some people thought that a joyous occasion, but others, not so much. This couldn’t be illustrated more clearly by the gag left in T’Lea’s quarters. There upon her bed was a dollo  combat knife through its head. This was muchly understood by the young woman as she knew exactly who it had come from, and she had decided to go and “talk” about the scenario with the gag’s sender. The delivery system for the apology may not have been thought through all the way, as evident by the phaser injuries and a trip to the brig that occurred later that night. Commander T’lea and her counterpart grabbed the doll and a combat knife, proceeded to the docking bay in pursuit of the Captain in order to go over the events leading up to, when the unmissable happened. Picture this, two women making their way in a hurry to the docking area of the ship, with doll in one hand, and a combat knife in the other, yelling the Captain’s name! What would you do?

::  The security officer on duty had seen her coming down the airlock with some kind of stuffed figure in one hand and a glistening, gleaming combat knife in the other.  He could only assume one thing, and called for backup.::
Pykor: ::hand on his phaser:: Ma’am I need you to stay where you are and disarm yourself, please.
::  Not quite hearing him above the hustle and bustle of traffic behind her, T’Lea simply shook her head that she hadn’t heard him. Furthermore, she took little notice of why the line of people waiting to clear the check point seemed to scatter like voles as she skipped ahead to talk to the man close up.::
Pykor:  ::tensing his stance::  Ma’am!  Please drop your weapons and get down on the floor!
::  Still unable to hear him, but confident that her rank, even though she wasn’t in uniform, would let her pass after they checked her ID, T’Lea continued her approach.  She moved purposefully toward the agitated security officer, but the way she walked could have been misinterpreted as threatening for those that did not know her – unfortunately this bunch of security officers did not know her and she was taken down by five men and a phaser set to stun after mentioning the Captain’s name and waving her hands around, knife included.::
Misunderstanding at its best folks! This landed our seasoned officer in the brig until her and the captain could have a face to face. Sometimes it’s miscommunication that can grant us some of the most memorable moments in space.
“Ice It” –  LtCmdr T’Lea

One of the greatest things about our community is that our characters are always evolving and growing, learning and making revisions. Interpersonal relationships begin to flourish and become an integral part of the character’s psyche. It’s those very same relationships that can bring about some of the most memorable moments. For instance, at the Duronis II Embassy, though not by his own volition, we find Lieutenant Yael visiting sick bay. Perhaps throughout the visit, it wasn’t so much the physical challenges that he might have had to face, but moreso a conversation with 1st Lieutenant Hella. Turns out, he had more emotional healing to go with, as opposed to physical.
Yael: There we go. We’re eating. Now let’s share. Tell me, what’s the punch line? When do you get to say “I told you so.”?
::Her translucent eyes locked on his violet ones as she considered what he had said.::
Hella: ::breaking her gaze:: “I told you so?” How can I say that when I have told you nothing?
:: There was a pause as he leaned in closer to her. Too close. His expression was not one that belonged on his face, almost mean, something to rival her own tough personality. ::
Yael: I’ll tell you a secret, 1st Lieutenant. Neither of us are “innocent.” The only difference between us is that I’m capable of *pretending* to be normal.
:: He didn’t mean it. He was caught up in that fractured mindset, saying things he’d never say in a sane moment, not even to someone tough enough to take it. Maybe that was the reason he wanted her to fight back. He knew she could take
it. ::
:: Unruffled by his outburst she picked up what was left of the steak, sunk her teeth in it and ripped off a bite.::
Hella: ::looking straight at him, speaking as she chewed the mouth full:: And who in the hell told you I ever wanted to be *normal.* Or better still, who told you, you have to appear to be anything other than what you are? ::She paused,
then gave him another jab.:: When are you going to grow up, Ashley? You act as if you are the only one who ever got punched in places they didn’t want to be punched.
::Having put all her cards on the table, she wiped her mouth of steak juices with her sleeve. He could play his hand or not for all she cared.::
Hella: Now, get started on that soup! I’m tired of listening to your belly aching.
:: She’d rebuffed his false fight without much effort, but by saying more than he expected. Retreating… in that he stood straight up and gave her back her personal space… it took a moment, but he did sit in the second chair at the little table. Was he… acting like a child? And her last comment hung in his mind, and he turned it over. “You act as if you are the only one who ever got
punched in places they didn’t want to be punched.” ::
Yael had learned something about himself at that moment, something that all characters inevitably come to realize at some point in their journey, that they too have to worry about themselves, not just the team.
“Pulling the Punches” – 1st Lt. Hella et Lt. Yael

Our next story comes from an epic battle, a battle between Starfleet and the enemy, but also with a Captain and herself. Fleet Captain Sidney Riley takes her crew down a wild slide into probably one of the most riveting sims I’ve read yet. Here we see the war-torn crew of the USS Independence strung up against three Klingon warships. With their ship already badly beaten, and with options and time running thin, the crew comes together to try and save their ship. A couple of the crew members come up with an ingenious solution that would require some luck, and some very technical moves that could ultimately save their ship, or leave them high and dry in a flurry of enemy fire.  While solutions are being calculated to make an emergency “slipstream” using a blast from their would be ejected warp core, the situation is growing more and more grim by the second. Ships’ systems are failing by the second, portions of the ship are becoming unreachable. It was in that moment, that the Captain chose to bite the bullet and make a gut-wrenching decision…

Riley: We’re leaving….we’re going… ::Sidney looked back at the view-screen, her eyes locking on the steamrunner/wolverine. She took a deep breath.:: We’re going there…to the Tiger.

Riley: =/=This is Fleet Captain Riley, all hands prepare to evacuate the ship. Instructions will be given to evacuation leaders at each transporter area, all hands evacuation protocol, alpha delta IV.=/= ::Sidney looked at the crew still looking at her.::
Riley: I said go…get your stuff, report to the evacuation sites… Commander Brice, Commander Wilde, get over to that ship and secure it. Commander Clack, Lieutenant Walker and I have to take care of things here before we go…
::Sidney looked over at Darius, her eyes held a hint of sadness as she looked around the bridge.::
Riley: I never thought it would be this way…
Certainly a tough call for any Captain to make, especially in the heat of the moment that could mean life or death. FltCpt Riley made the ultimate sacrifice for a Captain, her ship. With the Independence crippled and badly beaten, the only alternative was to jump ship. Little did she know, the Tiger would be their new home for sims to come.

“All Hands…” – FltCpt Sidney Riley

Our next best of moment comes from the Starbase 118 Ops side of things. LtCmdr Kevin Breeman would end up being the center of a practical joke that would cause him to have to think outside of protocol. Prior to his returning to his quarters to make ready for a night of fun and dinner, one of his colleagues slipped a couple of Bolites into the room in a manner that was sure to get them into his clothing. Like clockwork, Mr. Breeman entered his quarters and began to make ready for the evening. He replicated some freshly made clothing, and somewhere along the line, the Bolites did their work. He put on his clothing and proceeded to The Retreat, the USS Victory’s bar/lounge.

::Kevin entered the Retreat feeling a renewed sense of confidence arising from his conviction that to have confidence was to be wrong and to be wrong was an invitation to lose one’s self to the world around one’s self and lose consciousness  again.::  ::Approaching the first person he said,::

Breeman: Hey there. How are you?

 ::He felt a slight discomfort on his leg and reached down to scratch his ankle.:: ::In the corner of his eye his nose seemed to take on a strange appearance, as though a different light were case on his skin.::
Breeman: Indeed, so it would seem.
::He nodded curtly. The flow seemed to have changed in unexpected ways once again. What would be the most appropriate action now? Protocol wasn’t needed now.::
In the time that it took him to figure out just what to do next, he was changing colors by the minute. The Bolites had contaminated him, thus accounting for the wild color changes. Placed in an extremely awkward social situation was enough to send him into down right panic!
“Flow and Its Many Directions” – LtCmdr Breeman

Aside from the antics portrayed by some of the other fleet’s finest, aboard the Mercury, things are a little more serious. In an attempt to be granted passage to the Menthar Corridor, Captain Rhul would have to engage in a verbal tango with the Cardassians. The Cardassians at the very same time are quite interested in the Federation vessel that has requested a meeting with them, and have every intention of taking advantage. A meeting was arranged at the Cardassian Central Command on Cardassia Prime, quite the place to make first impressions.
Tallis: I’m Captain Tallis Rhul of the USS Mercury, and these are a selection of my staff, Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, Ambassador T’Pen, Major Jacen Fanel, Lieutenant Arden Cain and Lieutenant Bree Keely. On behalf of the Federation, we would like to thank you for inviting us to your world.
::The man, whom Tallis recognized as Legate Pasek from his mission notes, returned the greeting, but not the introductions.::
Pasek: Greetings, Captain, and the same to your crew. I am Legate Garn Pasek, the Detapa Consul’s liaison to the Federation. ::His tone was cheery, his mannerisms animated.:: Welcome to Central Command. I thought it would be a mark of our trust in the Federation to allow you into our military command centre on our first meeting. We will, of course, have a chance to discuss your mission, but I felt it would be fair to introduce you to a few key members of my cabinet, as well as showing you the point of contact that you will have within our empire while you explore the Menthar Corridor. I believe you’ve already met Glinn Alon Brokar?
::A familiar face stepped from within the ranks of the official welcoming committee.::
Tallis: Good to see you too, Brokar.
Pasek: So, let us get down to business. The Cardassian government has granted Starfleet’s request to explore the Menthar Corridor in the hopes that it will lead to a strengthened relationship between our two peoples. It is the belief of this administration that a peaceful coexistence with the Federation will be beneficial to us all, and that we may eventually be in a position to stand alongside you as proud allies.
It was certainly quite the proposition; the Cardassians and Federation, acting as allies… The adventure would unfold though as the two sides battle for compromise, and to keep the Cardassians from knowing too much about the Mercury. Despite the somewhat happy-go-lucky nature of their host, Captain Rhul agreed to enter into talks with the Cardassians, but not without a few extra cards in his deck. These people would be watched and studied intently by the counselor for any signs of fallacy.
“Formalities” – Cpt. Tallis Rhul et PNPC Legate Garn Pasek

How would you like the chance to go back to the present and make some changes to avoid failure in the future? Then Ensign Aron Kells was afforded that opportunity in the Drake’s best of 2011 sim. Mr. Kells found himself involved in a transporter accident in which he was combined with his future self from eight years ahead. He had learned a few things during his stay in the future, one of which included being in a committed relationship with Didrik Stennes, which ended in disaster. Having traveled back to his time and space, Aron kept the information in mind in order to better mesh with Didirk, as he found that they were still in love.
Didrik and Aron spoke with each other a few months after the incident occurred on what was seemingly awkward terms at an awards dinner. Although Kells being on a “don’t interfere” self-prime-directive, having been to the future and back again, he had eluded to Didrik that he wanted to take things slow, and he didn’t expect a relationship overnight, and at the same time, Didirk made it quite clear that he wanted to still have a relationship with Aron.
::Forget time travel.  Time may as well have stopped dead away for Didrik.  In the back of his mind, he suspected any further conversation with Aron might run the risk of the “l-word” being spoken, but nothing prepared him to hear it, and know that Aron meant it.  Unrequited love was a quintessentially human dilemma, one Didrik had been on both sides of more than once.::
::Didrik thought back to the resolution in his journal.  For him, 2389 was to be the year to be bold.  To take chances and make mistakes, to be an object in motion that will remain in motion.  He knew he didn’t love Aron; they’d only met a few days ago.  But “not” and “never” were different beasts altogether.  After all, the universe took Aron, who someday would love him, and brought him back to the here and now.  Didrik’s heart raced and his stomach knotted as he opened his mouth to speak, knowing that whatever he said would have an effect on his future in ways even the mysterious Commander Kells couldn’t predict.::
Stennes:  And I… would like the opportunity… to get to know you.  Even out the playing field a little bit.  If you’re willing. :: He’d done it too quickly, of course. With all of his over-thinking – even after what David Whale had told him, and what he’d told himself – Aron had acted quickly and without consideration for the future. Or, in other words, he’d done what he’d meant to do – he’d been himself, again. So why wasn’t he pleased? ::
Kells: I’m willing. I don’t expect to fill you with what I feel overnight. Stennes:  And I don’t intend for my existence in an alternate reality to dictate my behavior in this one.  In other words, you won’t sweep me off my feet.
:: But that was the difficult thing: Because he did. Even if things with Didrik – the future Didrik – had fallen apart, he knew what had happened, he had the shared history. How could he explain — unless…? ::
Kells: It’s a really thoughtful gift. I wonder if you’d allow me to reciprocate?
Stennes:  I’m not one to turn down presents.  Reciprocate how?
Kells: A holodeck program. When we return to the ship, before the next mission begins, maybe you could accompany me?
Stennes:  I’d be happy to.  ::Didrik tugged at the collar of his dress uniform.:: Hopefully somewhere casual.
 “An Object in Motion” – Stennes et Kells

Perhaps nothing in this universe could be more quaint than the Captain’s daughter having a tea party. But the Captain’s daughter, a Gorn, a Birkar, and her half sister could make things a little more interesting. That’s exactly what happened in the best moment from the USS Discovery C. Teagan Redstone, daughter to Captain Tyr Waltas, felt that an interstellar hooplah in the holodeck would be more than fitting, and for a party, you need friends. She called upon a fearsome Gorn Deck Officer named Ghyurn, her half sister Daisha, and a Brikar Security Officer named Skar to complete her compliment of chamomile drinking buddies. The main point in the get together, is that all members of the part had to dress appropriately for the occasion. What might that entail? Well the biggest sight would have been the Gorn and Brikar dressed in tuxedos and top-hats!
DOHAN: Well I’m looking pretty sharp right? ::Looking out expectantly::
DAISHA::Winking:: I’ll alert Security so we can keep the ladies off of you.
GHYURN::Low hiss:: I feel ridiculoussss. But I look good.
The party seemed to be a success as the four members of the Discovery got know each other a bit better, and enjoy some tea in the process. Teagan was certainly enjoying it all the while.
TEAGAN: :: Nodding to the flowers :: You can take some too, Daisha … Maybe help Skar? :: She did her best work, lovely pink and yellow flowers wound together in a crown of leaves, and sized on his head. When she finished she stood up, and tapped his shoulder shyly. Chuckling slightly, Daisha stood and took some of the flowers. Her hardened, difficult childhood had never afforded her the chance to do such a thing, but she did her best, tying the flowers in knots and them placing them delicately on the Brikar’s head.::
DAISHA::Cheshire cat grin:: You look sooooo cute!
TEAGAN: :: Whispering :: I can’t reach …
GHYURN::Smiling, he leaned over:: You have to promissssse me Teagan, this memory is jusssst for usss, alright?
::As he leaned over, Teagan placed the crown on his head, kissed him on his cheek and plopped down on the ground again to make him a matching necklace. ::  oO Please, let the Romulans attack, or a massive planet killer, or a giant space squid…anything…. Oo
“The Tea Party” – Cmdr Ghyurn, Ens. Dohan, Ens. Waltas, and the Captain’s Daughter…
Well ladies and gentleman, these have been some of the best moments of the 2011 simming season. We’ve read some moments of pure silliness, or personal struggle, or perhaps even having to make that one decision that could mean the life of your crew, or even yourself. There was certainly an epic roller coaster in place for last year, but what does this year hold for us? Judging by some of the posts herein, it only gets more wild from here.

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