January Plot Summary: USS Drake

USS DrakePlacing the USS Drake NCC-1987 in the care of the orbital shipyards of Utopia Planitia the crew spent most of the month on shore enjoying the sights and experiences of Earth. An award and promotion ceremony was held where Ensign Weston was promoted to Lt Jg and various awards and service ribbons were given out.
The crew then went their separate ways. Some took the opportunity to escape the often tightly packed environment of the Drake to go off by themselves. Significant B plots were the continued relationships that have developed over the last few missions.

The ships CMO is now set to marry the wounded ex Security Crewman Vera Anderson. The explosive tension this has caused between the CMOs’ ex fiancée and his new bride to be is yet to be resolved.  LtCmdr Rogers and the CEO Lt Pandora continued to explore the nature of a human / android relationship in the unusual setting of a nude bathing beach. LtCmdr Kells and Ensign Stennes continued to torture each other emotionally over their future failed relationship from another time line. This timeline has ceased to exist with the return of the Kells from that future. Kells Grandfather aka the” Infernal” once again evades arrest and transports Kells to a vessel where the LtCmdr is forced to undergo a mind meld. The LtCmdr’s memory of the incident is wiped clean and he is returned to the Drake. Preparing for a shakedown cruise it is discovered that LtCmdr Whale has gone missing.

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