January Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

King Qalan, leader of the Zalinians on Lavon, contacted Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa regarding five Zalinian/Laudean hybrid teenagers who crash landed on Lavon in a unique ship. The joining of these two species was of concern to both Qalan and Daysa, since both races had agreed to avoid creating a life form with Laudean fielding and Zalinian telekinesis.

With the Federation’s more advanced means of examining the teenagers, both Qalan and Daysa approached Captain Toni Tuner about sending Starfleet personnel and an expert Laudean fielder to Lavon to learn more about this mystery. Captain Turner agreed, and the USS Thunder, NCC-70605, was dispatched to Lavon under the command of Lieutenant Commander Miles Unum, while Captain Turner remained at the Duronis II Embassy, since Federation Ambassador Boyd Lee was away.

The Thunder arrived at Lavon, and the away team, lead by Commander Tal Tel-ar, met with Qalan.  A Zalkonian ship, the Betesh, in orbit of Lavon and commanded by Captain Mella Lanis, sent a special operations team to Lavon to kidnap the five hybrids. Four of the five were captured, and the fifth escaped. The Betesh left orbit and accelerated to transwarp speed with the Thunder in pursuit. Unum ordered maximum warp and sought options from the crew to stop the Betesh. As the Betesh neared the maximum range of the Thunder’s sensors, an incoming Zalkonian torpedo penetrated the Thunder’s shields, and the Thunder was damaged. The Thunder’s mission continues as the crew attempt to learn more about the hybrids.

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