Getting the Best Out of Your Sims – Part 3

Don’t forget personality! Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts about simming our individual characters is the personality that we each give to them throughout the story. One character may act radically different towards a specific situation, as opposed to another. One character may have a rather interesting quirk, whereas another might have a hobby that lends to who that character really becomes. Regardless of what you can dream up, the life that enters the characters that we create is something that this game wouldn’t be the same without.

To that end, in part 3 of Lieutenant JG Blackwood’s Guide to Better Simming, she takes us through some of the more important points when it comes to simming personality within your characters.

3) Personality

This brings me on to personality. We want to read about your character, so show us what s/he is like. There are different ways to do things. Use descriptive words, adjectives to put personality into your characters.

Example of Ensign Craig at a large table in the Mess Hall.:

Ensign Craig sat at the table drank his coffee. (Pretty bland and reveals nothing.)

Ensign Craig sat at the table sipping his piping hot coffee and stealing glances at his colleagues. (Maybe a bit nervous or shy? )

Ensign Craig sat at the table with his coffee, stealing sips from it as he talked excitedly with the others. His drink grew cold as the others grew bored and restless… yawning and tapping their fingers. (He’s so excited and focused on his monologue he doesn’t even realise people can’t get a word in edgeways, or that they want to talk about something else….)

Ensign Craig sat glowering at the table. He gulped his coffee down in such a hurry he nearly spilled it down his front. He slammed the mug back down onto the table, and pushed it away from him before folding his arms and huffing. (Could he get more grumpy?)

This reflects their reaction to events and feelings in the moment. Over the course of your sims you can establish personality by having your character react to situations consistently. A shy character will have different thoughts, actions and body language to an outgoing bubbly one. Is your character an empath or telepath? How does this affect their views on privacy and emotions? Are they a Vulcan or logical being? How would they react to characters who are very illogical or eccentric? Are they religious or spiritual? How does this affect their view of the world and situations they find themself in? The great thing about this is that all characters are different and have their own opinions, experiences, view of the world and way of doing things. How does your character react to people who are very different? For example how would a workaholic with a strong sense of duty and pride in work react to someone very work shy? Would they try to convert them to a better way of thinking, or maybe avoid or ignore them, or maybe even try to get them in trouble?

Use your characters background, experiences, senses and personality to it’s fullest. These are things not just to think about but to show us as you write your sims.

Read the guide in its entirety on the forums:

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