Creating Stellar Supporting Characters That Get Remembered

Creating Stellar Supporting Characters That Get Remembered

Members of the Starbase 118 Fleet are in the business of creating memorable characters that are unique. Our characters are windows into worlds that may only exist within our minds and we all strive to make them more than just information on a page. Each post and each faucet of our characters is something that we use to bring our character’s to life, but sometimes it can be really difficult to avoid falling into the traps of the ‘same old stuff’ that may have come many times before us.
Unlike many other genre’s of writing, science fiction requires extensive world building. This can be problematic for some people, as the many little things that would have affected a realistic character over the years have to be created from near scratch. Sure, at Starbase 118, we have the Star Trek realm to fall back on and work with, but there are near endless possibilities when it comes to just what we can bend that world to do.
So with all of the tools and possibilities at your fingertips, do you know how to create the best and most memorable characters for your story? While we might write collaboratively, each of our characters, and more importantly, the characters we use in the background in supporting roles, have the chance to be unique and free if you know how to allow them to be. While the process of creation can be difficult when you aren’t talking about your main character, there are some resources out there that can help. Be sure to check out a recent post on Io9, and find out ten things that can really help your background characters ‘pop’! While they aren’t your main focus, these characters can give a lot of depth to your story, so don’t skimp. Instead, put these ten tips to work and build something new and amazing today.

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