Congratulations William Rogers!

Oh behalf of the staff of StarBase 118, we would like to congratulate William Rogers on his recent promotion to the rank of Captain!  Will started his career aboard the USS Ronin back in 2007.  With just over 5 years of service to the fleet, he has served on the USS Independence-A, USS Eagle, and USS Drake.  Moving to his role of First Officer last year, he assumed command when Captain Reynolds stepped down.  Since then, he has led the crew of the USS Drake, doing a great job to increase participation and continues to encourage great simming.

With his Captaincy Exam behind him, Captain Rogers has elected to remain aboard the Drake for now.  He and his crew can be found trying to solve the most complicated problems in the most peaceful way possible.   We wish Captain Rogers and his crew continued success! For more on Captain William Rogers and the crew of the Drake, check out their wiki page, or Yahoo Group page!