Avoiding the ‘Not So Bright’ Grammatical Errors

Avoiding the ‘Not So Bright’ Grammatical Errors

Writing in the Starbase 118 Fleet isn’t so much about perfect English as it is the feeling and emotional content behind the text. At the same time, presenting the best sims without checking to make sure you’ve avoided making one of these common grammatical errors can not only ruin the piece, but it can make you look a little less than the writer you really are. While some English conventions are made to be bent, mangled, and twisted, other grammatical rules are a little more strict. Breaking them won’t necessarily make your writing bad, but it can significantly take away from the experience that your readers get when they input your contribution to the story.
Of course we all want to excel and send out the very best sims that we can. Avoiding these common grammatical errors isn’t a difficult thing to do thanks to Copyblogger – who has come up with the five biggest grammatical law offenders – along with some helpful information that can help you avoid the error in your own writing.
It’s true that a lot of these errors are made in passing and can easily be found by proofreading your sims, so make sure that you are not only aware of the special rules surrounding these common errors, but also of the importance of always giving your sims one final look over before you hit the send button. It will make your contributions that much better without very much time or effort, making this just one example of something small that has a much bigger scope.

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