August Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

After finding themselves thrown back in time to the year 1942 while in pursuit of an unidentified ship, the crew of the USS Tiger proceeded down to the Earth where the mystery ship had apparently crashed decades earlier. Upon arriving they found the United States Military secretly excavating the ship that had been frozen deep within the ice near the North Pole. They quickly learned that the ship was a Borg ship nicknamed “Nightmare Hall” by the scientists who had managed to enter an area of the mystery ship months earlier.

Commander Clack with cooperation of the base commander, Joe Collins, were able to enter the ship where they were quickly attacked by Borg still active after all these years. Their job was to destroy the ship despite possible opposition by the US Military. Captain Riley organized a team that would find the second part of the mystery ship that had been removed by the military and sent to the lower 48 for detailed study.  Captain Riley also organized another away team led by Commander Townson who was sent to assist Commander Clack and his team in Nightmare Hall.

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