Adding Another Edge to Your Sims

There are many different ways that we add complexity and uniqueness to our Starbase 118 sims. By incorporating what we know with what we know might be one day, we can create a woven storyline that is not only plausible in some instances, but one that draws on the world that we live in now. Whether you choose to include a historical fact or wordplay, adding in these extras to your sims can really take your writing to a whole new level. The problem is, often the facts that we know are not always whole and what we think we heard, we might not have. Perhaps that is why Writer’s Dream Tools has compiled a set of tools to help writers in many different ways.

From historical notes to a slang thesaurus, Writer’s Dream Tools provides writers with something new that can help them add another edge to any kind of writing. And though these things are helpful in various areas of the writing world, you might find that they are even more useful when trying to connect science fiction with the reality of the world we live in today. So take a moment and head over to their website – the tools are located near the bottom of the page – and see what you can find to weave into your newest piece of writing.

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