June Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The crew finally dispelled the cloak of deception surrounding Commander Hawke, and his participation in the development and testing of a horrible bio-weapon that had actually caused the plague they were investigating. When Hawke escaped confinement using his telepathic powers and an amplification device, he was hunted down by none other than the serial killer Zero, whom Hawke had loosed on the Discovery to kill Captain Waltas and keep the Discovery crew off his trail. Remembering Hawke as one of the scientists who created him and tortured him, Zero recalled his past; how he had been developed and conditioned to be used as a weapon and, when that failed, his biology used to develop the bio-weapon.

Zero, Captain Waltas and Ensign Nickels tracked down Hawke and cornered him. With another telepathic wave Hawke was able to disable Waltas and Nickels, but Zero, in a final, heroic act, leaped in front of the phaser blast intended to kill the Captain, giving Nickels time to “go to bat” on Hawke’s body and eliminate him. The crew, still shaken but having rescued the USS Achilles, has returned to DS-285 for a long-needed rest and relaxation, and some promotions as well. Still, questions remain-how deep does the rabbit-hole go, and who knew about the bio-weapon?

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