May 2012

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest class of Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Jorus Cogud, Tom Westerbridge, Peter Dixon, and Jalen Mhoram Vesole!

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New Captains Council Magistrate for 2012

Each year, the Captains Council chooses a Magistrate who is tasked with facilitating discussion, record-keeping for the council, as well as opening, tabulating, and closing votes. Last year’s Magistrate was

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Forums Roundup: May 2012

It’s a new month, and with it, a lot of new changes. As our Fleet grows, we experience the ups and downs along with the many members who call Starbase

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SciWorld Online Convention 2012

The annual SciWorld Online Convention, also known as SWOC for short, is a yearly soiree spanning mutliple chat rooms set over three consecutive days, so that roleplayers and simmers alike from any

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We are a free, fun, and friendly community of Star Trek fans who write collaborative fiction together. It’s easy to join – we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

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