The Species of UFOP: SB118

The chart below shows the breakdown of species among our playing characters:

“Others” includes: Angosian, Brekkian, Denobulan, Al-Leyan, Android, Brikar, Dahlyd, Grazerite, Iotian, Laudean, Orion, Tandaran, Hologram, Saurian, Denebian, Pythron, Gideon, Romulan, and Cardassian!

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  1. Sokaar

    Hm! A larger Deltan contingent than I usually see in simming. very cool. I think the first aliens I ever saw were the Star Wars ones, and then it was on from there. Even the oddball Trek ones you hardly know anything about, I enjoy putting on the face of one now and again, even just to have one in a scene somewhere.

  2. I was surprised as well! I hadn’t even heard of Deltans until making this chart 🙂

    • Sokaar

      If you watch The Motion Picture, Ilia is a Deltan, tho they only mention it in passing. Otherwise I think they are in the background of ST 4 in the council meetings. Not sure if they were seen or heard from since then tho.

  3. Yael

    Other? Other?! Well… yeah, not too many Denobulans in the fleet. Love the breakdown, not what I expected. ^_^

    • Actually, now that Zonhar joined the fleet there are 1.5 Denobulans! Unfortunately, that still leaves them lumped in the “other” category 😉