Putting the ‘Creative’ in Creative Writing

Sometimes we take a look at our last sim only to realize that it totally lacks all things creative. We all face this from time to time, especially if we are under stresses and pressures from our daily lives. Perhaps it is this reason that prompted Kathy Kennedy and Dennis Jerz to compile this very helpful list of Ten Tips for Creative Writers.

By helping writers understand the best parts of the story so that they can concentrate on those aspects rather than the parts that don’t need to be there, these two authors also show us how to snag our readers and keep them interested in the story that we are trying to build. When you put together your ‘short story’ or sim with the others from your ship, something quite grand begins to take shape. You are no longer bound by the limits that you impose on yourself when you aimlessly ‘take a shot in the dark’. Instead, you will be able to build, and create, something that is both engaging, entertaining, and complex.

What does this do for you? In the end, creating a part of the big picture not only allows you to fully integrate into the crew and ship that you sim on, but it also allows you to build a character that has depth and who seems more real than imagined; a task that only a few people can ever pull off without knowing some of these very important creative writing tips.

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