Ops plot summary for July

With barely time to unpack, the new crew of Starbase 118 (under the command of Captain Andrus Jaxx) started their new assignment with a bang! Carefully planned terrorist attacks rocked the station, knocking out virtually all of critical systems and their backups. With communications down, the station has been unable to send or receive anything, and individual firefights are breaking out through the station as the terrorists seem to be making a push for a silent ship that is approaching the station with an unknown intent. The ship, of Bajoran origin, seems to have the codes and is giving itself clearance to a docking port on the station.

Stranded throughout the station and without functioning transporters or turbolifts, the crew must negotiate the damage to their new home, terrified civilians, Bajoran terrorists and injured comrades in order to make it back to the hub in order to respond to this unexpected and unprovoked attack. The death count is unknown, but medical reports it is currently over one hundred with more expected once power, and transporters, are restored.

Through hard work and sheer determination, the station’s engineering staff eventually restored main power to most of the station, while the medical staff transfer to the docked mercy-ship, the USS Braveheart, in order to treat the casualties. As things are starting to look up, the crew are again rocked by the death of one of their own, Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Guy Perry Hunt.

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