Lower Decks: Lieutenant(JG) Tressa

In the realm of line officers, the ones on the bottom are usually looked at last, yet they are the ones that keep the ship alive. In this segment of Lower Decks we are going to take an in depth view of Lieutenant Junior Grade Tressa, the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Victory, and her writer.

Choosing a character is not an easy task. In the beginning a writer can toy with the idea of creating one of many species. I asked Kat about some of her motives behind picking the Gideon species. Her reply was, “I just wanted to do something different. From the beginning, I stayed away from the common species.” She recalled countess hours of research on our ILI, and finally settled on a Gideon named Tressa. What makes a Gideon so fascinating? “There isn’t a lot on them, but the little info I found made them an enticing race to play; they were different enough to make them interesting but not overly so. The bonus being I have A LOT of room to improvise.”

The next step in the process is to find a name for the creation you are working on. For some, the name comes to them instantly, others need to research and dwell on the topic. When I asked about the name Tressa, Kat had this to say. “First, I browse through a list of names. I always have a couple handy for this reason. I jot down sounds I like, or even whole names. Then I mix and match until I have a list of names I really like. Then, through process of elimination, I decide on a name. The name I choose depends on the character as well, their personality, race, etc. For Tressa, I wanted something short, cute but not too kid-like.”

Once you have all of your ducks in a row, you fill out the easy application, and complete a short introductory course on the UFoP: StarBase118 simming style. Your character building starts from day one, and often times it seems like you are starting with a blank slate. As your character grows, it gains life experience. For the best level of character development, the character almost needs to take on a mind of its own. Having goals is important, even more so for your character. I asked Kat what some of Tressa’s goals were, her reply was, “She is going to kill someone which will mess her up pretty bad. She’ll get a pretty bad injury which will overload her regenerative system, resulting in it temporarily shutting down and needing a transfusion or transplant from another Gideon.” These are just two plots to explore. There are also long term goals for some characters. I asked about some of Tressa’s and Kat had this to say, “Eventually, she will have kids. Whether they are planned or not remains to be seen. It will depend on her future relationships and if they are with other PCs or PNPCs/Secondary’s that I create.”

The character of Tressa continues to develop, and at the release of this article, she is now a Lieutenant Junior Grade, and has begun dating. She has had an injury that has given her crew-mates a glimpse at the regenerative properties of Gideons. Although the injuries were not as severe as some of the plot goals planned for her, it was a fantastic glimpse into a species not often used among members in the group. As Tressa continues to grow as a character, it will be interesting to see how she develops, and the woman that she will become.

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