Lower Decks: Lieutenant Skyleena(Sky) Blake

In this installment of the Lower Decks, we are take an in depth look at the character of Skyleena Blake.  The Sky is a hybrid of the Brekkian and Betazoid races.  When ask why she chose the unique pairing, she said “I wanted to express what it would be like to have these two “cool” advantages, yet to have two disadvantages. Because she’s part Brekkian, Sky is unable to control her telepathy, leaving her with horrible headaches because she’s capable of hearing about three quarters of a ship that’s similar to the size of the Ronin. She’s also unable to control her electrical “charge” – during her early months of service, Sky’s anger consistently drove the way  her charge worked; it “powered up” whenever she got angry, and she had to calm down to stop it.”

Our character all have a background.  It could be past experiences, or places lived.  Through our time in the present, we find ourselves often filling the pasts of our characters.  Skyleena is the name of a very unpopular Brekkian goddess.  When asked if her character shared any of those negative traits, she said “Sky Blake and Skyleena have a lot common, yet, are almost nothing alike. Skyleena and Sky Blake share attitude issues and they look a little similar. To be honest, she isn’t able to balance it out, she just uses them to her advantage.”

One of the “toughest” jobs in StarFleet is Security(pun intended). When I asked the writer of Sky about why she chose security, I asked if Sky felt being a woman was a hurdle at all.  She had this to say, “She doesn’t find being a woman in Security hard, she just finds it rather annoying. She’s one of those people who likes to complain about almost anything. She doesn’t have many problems with the men – mainly because they’re scared to get on her bad side and tend to avoid her a lot, but she’s stated to Hannah Martinez once or twice that she thinks that the females are better than the males in the Security post.  I also remember her saying “If I had my way, there wouldn’t be a male in Security” and this is mainly because she thinks of them to be incompetent, and seems to think that many of them are absolute jerks.”

The character has proven to remarkably in depth.  On 238808.16 she had an issue with her telepathic abilities.  When asked about some of those hurdles, she said “One of the biggest problems with her telepathy is that she has no control of it due to being half-Brekkian. She can hear just about all of the crew’s thoughts, which would be a lot of people in her head and she is rarely able to hear her own thoughts. Not to mention that nothing really manages to escape her – many people on the ship are unaware that they can easily lie with their thoughts and they are capable of hiding them – which is why she knows about Lieutenants Reed and Ba’Eli’s relationship as well as Parker and Gemini’s private life and Martinez’s crush on Parker. I have to admit that she is kind of glad that knows most of what’s going on around the ship due to being the Chief of Security (anyone thinking of attacks, she’d most likely be the first one to know about it if they’re not careful, but like I said, it’s easy to lie with your thoughts and because of this, she’s not always one hundred percent sure if someone is thinking the truth or not). She has wondered a couple of times how non-telepathic species can go without telepathy, but she kind of envy’s them in a way.”

With so much history, and future in store, for Skyleena Blake, it will surely be a good read.  To follow the character, she can be found on the USS Mercury List.   To read more on the character swing by Sky Blake’s wiki page.

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