How to Become the Hero in Your Writing

Writing, especially for a Starbase 118 character that you build and create on your own, is not always easy. Sure, there are plenty of times where you have the inspiration to shoot down the ‘villains’ of your writing – the little voices telling you its not good enough – so that you can come out on top with a sim to be proud of. At the same time, there are more times where you might sit down to write only to find that you feel as if you are ice skating up a hill. It is in these moments, where you lack inspiration, drive, and creativity to come up with much of anything.

Because other members often depend on your sims to jump start or continue their own, however, it is important that we arm all of our officers with the tools that they need to overcome the villains of writing so that the story can continue. It’s never fun to carry a plot on your own, and it is always far more interesting when officers join together and make fun happen. To do this consistently, our writers employ a variety of strategies. But sometimes, you might still be at a loss for words, literally.

That’s when you must wage war on the voices, the writer’s block, and anything else that stands between you and another epic addition to the story that we weave from day to day.

If you find that you are lacking inspiration, facing writer’s block, or simply don’t think that your contributions are worthy, head on over to ‘Write To Done’ where you can find out just how to fight off the villains that prevent us from writing well, and writing often. You can find out just how to Become the Hero of Your Writing Life so that you don’t have to worry anymore. Take a moment to learn what you can do, and how you can arm yourself, for the battle against the forces that would keep your words locked away in your head.

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Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti has been a member of the Starbase 118 Fleet now for over five years and she still loves it just as much as she did when she joined. The joys of writing for a character that's truly come to life, coupled with the friends she's met throughout the Fleet, has made 118 a part of her daily life.
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