Duronis II Embassy wins simming award!

Our very own Duronis II Embassy has been awarded Simming League‘s “Most Creative Sim” award in the Tournament of Simulations!

After a month of observing sims, the judges of this competition awarded the Embassy for its stories that encompass unique Star Trek characters’ lives on a planet and on a starship. The contest organizer, Chas Hammer, praised the Embassy/Thunder group saying, “The crew is intensely active and shows a fond imagination, and the host and game masters received high marks for keeping everything moving.”

The Simming League is an intersimming organization dedicated to strengthening ties within the simming and online role-playing communities and was founded in 1997. The first Tournament of Simulations was held in 1999, but has been on hiatus for four years. SB118 competed against several other Star Trek play by e-mail role-playing groups in a number of categories.