Challenger Plot Summary for June

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger started the month on shore leave. Some crew members explored the Klingon planet that they had been called to for their previous mission, some explored the Xarantine home world, and others stayed on the ship to use its facilities. Then the parents of Klingon/Trill science officer Lieutenant (j.g.) Maya Gemini invited the Challenger senior staff to a banquet served in their honour, held by their Klingon house. It was a typical Klingon feast with fighting, traditional Klingon food, blood wine and exchanging stories.

Shortly afterwards, the ship was visited by a mysterious Section 31 operative, warning of a planned thalaron weapon attack on Starbase 118 by the Scarlet Brotherhood. Pushing the ship to her very limits, the Challenger crew began the race against time to return to the Trinity Sector and find the ship in question before the weapon could be assembled and activated. With a Bajoran freighter currently in their sights, will the crew find and stop the terrorists in time?