Challenger plot summary for January

USS ChallengerThe ship and crew have crossed the Neutral Zone and entered Romulan space, and traveled to Chaltok IV at the request of the Romulans. The governor Valdek requested our help to transport the Romulan civilians from the southern half of the planet to the northern half and away from the rebel forces of their slave race the Remans. This conflict has resulted in numerous casualties on both sides.

After the Captain and senior officers beamed down to the planet in dress uniforms to meet with the governor there was a formal diner. During this meal both Lt. Parker and Lt. jg. Gemini stepped over the bounds and voiced comments that were unbecoming of Starfleet officers. It was during this meal that the Romulan Governor explained that he wished StarFleet’s help with evacuating the Romulans civilians from the southern half of the planet. Cmdr. Tel-ar discovered, from speaking with one of the guards just before the dinner, that the Governor was also the senior military officer on the planet.

After the meal the team returned to the ship and Cmdr. Tel-ar assigned both Lt. Parker and Lt. jg. Gemini to command the rescue efforts for the Romulan civilians. They would have all the standard shuttles which would be crewed by marines. They would be working with a Romulan by the name of Madrek who had all the data regarding the locations of the civilian population.

During all this Lt. Cmdr. Dickens and Ensign T’Sora were busy trying to establish communications with the Reman rebels. So far they have been unsuccessful but have detected an anomalie that they plan to investigate further.

Lt. Cmdr. Reid was busy with emergency surgery and then with preparing to operate a field hospital to look after any injured Romulan civilians that were brought in. He was going to be assisted by the new Ensign Victoria Wakeman.

Lt. jg. Herrera voiced some concerns that the Romulan Governor may not be completely honest. His hinting at requesting Tholian assistance may have been a red herring.

The evacuation of the civilians is about to begin and the search for answers is underway.


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