Challenger plot summary for April

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger-A is currently in Klingon Empire space after they were asked by the Klingons for assistance with the Xarantine, a species they have been at war with for over 250 years. The situation quickly revealed itself to be more than what it seemed, as the Klingons had quarantined the Xarantine species and were using them as live training aids for their warrior training program. With further investigation, it was found that the Xarantine had surrendered, in the face of Klingon hostilities, which angered the Klingons, who threatened to cause their sun to go supernova if the Xarantine didn’t continue to honorably defend themselves. The crew of the Challenger is now tasked with peaceably resolving the stand-off and saving the Xarantines from future harm!

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