BBC Interview With Garrett Wang

I was perusing old links the other day, and I came across an interesting and insightful interview between the BBC and Garrett Wang in London.  Garrett Wang is known in the Star Trek universe as Ens. Harry Kim of Operations on Star Trek: Voyager. In the short interview, subjects such as the following are broached:

  • On ‘technobabble’ –

“…I think that technobabble can tend to alienate people who are new watchers… and [the characters of Star Trek: Enterprise] get to speak with less technobabble too, which is another great thing.”

  • On seven seasons as an Ensign –

“…it is a little annoying that I didn’t get promoted. … I think that’s worth a promotion, bringing everyone else back to life again… [referring to events in the episode, ‘Timeless’]”

  • On the quirks of working a convention –

“So then we turn around and we come into the outside doors and [the security detail] goes, “Okay, Eagle One to base, we’re back now, Mr Wang has finished peeing, we’re standing outside the door, we’re ready to go, cue the announcer.”

There is this and a fair bit more candid conversations that took place, and all in all it makes an enjoyable read on one of Voyager’s main characters.  To read the interview in its entirety, visit the BBC website here.

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