A Call for the Pointy-Eared

The Guild of Vulcans welcomes all members playing Vulcan or part-Vulcan characters to join. Vulcans can be surprisingly difficult characters to sim. The Guild of Vulcans is an OOC group devoted to providing players simming Vulcans an opportunity to meet others to discuss the challenges and benefits of “simming Vulcan” and strategies for doing so, as well as gathering and organizing information on Vulcan and Vulcans for the Starbase 118 Wiki. If your character (PC or PNPC) is a Vulcan or part-Vulcan, you can join the Guild of Vulcans by contacting LCMD Sakorra Jefferson Reed or LCMD Solok via private message through the SB118 forums. You can also post a request to join on the Guild of Vulcans section on the forums here. We will be hosting another Vulcan chat in July and hope you all can join us.