Top SIMs Contest Winners Announced

The June/July round of the Top SIMs contest is now complete and the list of winners is here! JUDGES CHOICE:

  • Winner: “Ten Minutes and Not a Second More” Haldane/Morgan St. Eyre
  • Runner-Up: “Advance Intelligence” Hollis Calley
  • Honorable Mention: “Sickbay: Playing Doctor” Solok/Jefferson Reed


  • Winner: “The Stalemate” Paul Diamond, Cura/John Stone, Jacen Fanel
  • Runner-up: “Sickbay: Playing Doctor” Solok/Jefferson Reed

Many congratulations to everyone involved. We hope to see another great round of sims for Aug./Sept. The submission area will be open starting Friday evening, and this time around you’ll be copying/pasting sims into the box to allow for joint sims more easily. Also, don’t forget that you can submit sims that are up to 150 days old. So if there’s a sim from before this past round that you wanted to submit but forgot, you still have a chance!

Again, great work everyone. Looking forward to the next round!