May 2006

News from the family

Two graduations on the Triumphant. The player of Lieutenant Merigold KitiganZibi, Triumphant’s counsellor, graduated yesterday with a Bachelor’s degree in Indigenous Learning. Also, the player of Lieutenant Sakorra Reed graduated

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New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest class of Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet! Amira Coresta, Amanda Gordon, Sean Walker, Adriana Tavin, and Asal Cox.

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Top SIMs Contest Beginning Soon!

The Top SIMs Conest has been revived, and the first new round will begin on June 1st. For more information, including the rules and submission form for SIMs, head to

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Executive Council passes Bylaw 7

The EC has passed Bylaw 7, which clarifies which administrative officers have access, and votes, on the Captains Council. It has been posted in the Bylaws area of our website.

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Fleet Area Updated

The active fleet roster has been updated to include the fleet changes, and also to include information on the USS Centris, our training vessel. Also updated are the active fleet

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Promotions for April

Please congratulate the following officers on their promotions!: Daydan Taboo to Commander, Keln Sabdok to Lieutenant Cmdr., Charles Hawk to Lieutenant, Cyrus Webb to Lieutenant, Ben Walker to Lieutenant Cmdr.,

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Captaincy Promotions

The Executive Council would like to congratulate both Robin Phoenix and Rhys Bejain on their successful completion of the command training program, resulting in their full promotion to Captaincy.

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Welcome, Baby Devar!

We fondly welcome our newest little Trekker, “Megan” into the world! The writer behind Alana Devar delivered her cadet at 2:47 a.m., on Thursday, May 04. At 21 inches and

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