Monthly Ship Summary: Ops

Still without their memories, some the crew continues on course with the revolt. While the people from the kingdom fight against the Lord’s soldiers the XO, CSO and CMO, who now possess their real memories, come up with a plan to infiltrate the keep and get to the Lord who they believe to have the answers as to why they are really here. After successfully entering the keep they confront the Lord but quickly realize that he is in fact their CO. Using her telepathic skills the CMO breaks down the mental boundaries and the Lord’s real memories come flooding back. The away team gathered at a popular tavern before they planned their next move. Within the imbedded memories there seemed to be a thought about what to do if you were in trouble. With no other options the crew were forced to follow this up which took them to “the woman in the woods” and the answer to why they were there. With their explanation, the crew was sent back to the planet as they knew it and from there they returned to the USS Discovery NCC – 31929. Upon their return, the crew had to deal with issues that they remembered from their time on the planet. With each having to come to terms with how they acted before their real memories had surfaced. For some it was a simple as a misplaced kiss while others had to deal with the death of innocent inhabitants of the world as well as the death of a crewmate. For the crew there was time to come to terms with this as the Discovery headed back home to Starbase 118 operations.

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