Monthly Ship Summary: Independence/Kodiak

The USS Hammond, under temporary command of Fleet Captain Anassasi, was attacked by a Tzenkethi Carrier. The attack was repelled.
Admiral Hollis ordered the USS Triumphant to locate and follow the Tzenkethi vessel or vessels that attacked the Hammond.
The USS Triumphant then located the Tzenkethi Carrier and began following it at extreme sensor range. The crew followed the Tzenkethi vessels to an unknown base in system 3A9, only three light years from DS17. An X class probe is launched to observe the station. The X class probes observed as a power station on the planet 3A9 IV went critical. The core of the station began melting through the planets crust. The information was relayed by the Triumphant to Admiral Hollis. The Kodiak then left DS17 for system 3A9. In route the Kodiak encountered a Free Trade Union Ship and warned it to avoid the system.
The USS Kodiak arrived at 3A9 IV and offered assistance.