Titan: Taking Wing

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By Commander John W. Sheriden The book Titan: Taking Wing is the first of a series of books focussing on the USS Titan, the ship Captain William T. Riker commands. The Titan has one of the most diverse crews in the history of Starfleet, despite the captain and first officer being human. The book picks up where the movie Star Trek: Nemesis left off. Captain Riker arrives at his first command with his first task of finding a first officer. He had had to go through several people from the Enterprise in order to find one, but you will have to read it in order to find out what happened.

The Titan’s original mission is one of exploration. Its first mission, however, is at odds with that charter. The Titan is sent to the Neutral Zone to allow Riker to oversee power-sharing negotiations for the Romulans. An Admiral, who he believes is out to relieve him of his command, accompanies him. The book features appearances from characters from the original series and Voyager: Spock and Tuvok.

Although I know some from Starbase 118 have read this book and not liked it, I read it and loved it. This is a great read and I high encourage everyone to pick up a copy and start reading it.

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