Fleet Overview

Get familiar with our fleet — you can be placed on any vessel below.

Our fleet includes 8 dynamic and unique ships, each with their own simming pace and style.

After training, you will fill out a questionnaire regarding what type of ship is best for you: one with a “stately” pace of three-to-four posts per day from the list, all the way up to a “breakneck” pace of 15+. All members are expected to write, on average, three times a week.

Once our Fleet Placement Officer receives your questionnaire, you will be placed on one of the following vessels in our fleet:

USS Apollo
NCC-71669-A, Odyssey class
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USS Invicta
NCC-81407, Cardiff class
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USS Gorkon
NCC-82293, Sovereign class
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USS Constitution
NCC-9012-B, Galaxy class
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StarBase 118 Ops
USS Albion

NCC-48921, Excelsior class
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Embassy of Duronis II
USS Thunder

NCC-70605-A, Akira class
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USS Doyle
NCC-80221-A, Luna class
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USS Darwin
NCC­-99312-A, Horizon class
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Ship Profiles by Tim Davies. Used with permission.

StarBase 118 is the home base for our fleet, and is located at the crux of the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan empires. All ships call this “home” and return there for repairs when necessary.

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